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Packing Services

Bruce Scientific Ltd. Offers aerosol can contract packing and filling and packaging for a variety of companies and industries, Bruce Scientific is currently packing products for many well-known brands. You may already be familiar with these products and not realize it! Bruce Scientific’s aerosol contract packaging facilities with labelling machines, bottle filling, tube filling (aluminium and poly) syringe filling capabilities, along with our large manufacturing and warehouse facilities, can be used for private labelling and filling of your products.



Your business can:

  • Use a Bruce Scientific formulation from our extensive catalogue on a case by case basis
  • Supply your own formulation keeping your trade secrets.
  • Have Bruce Scientific develop your packaging
  • Take advantage of our aerosols chemist’s 35 years’ experience in aerosol product development to work with you from conception to final products.

This provides you with a product that meets your exact specifications. Bruce Scientific is well aware how hard it can be to run a new product to market. We offer aerosol packaging and filling in long and short runs. Bruce Scientific has the capabilities to handle your most demanding aerosol contract packaging and filling needs by offering:

  • Experienced contract aerosol filling chemist’s dedicated to meeting your specifications
  • Comprehensive laboratory services available on site, we have a clean room laboratory for product testing a development right here on site.
  • The latest state-of-the-art aerosol contract packaging and filling equipment. We use Terco equipment out of the states and also many machines designed in NZ, with over 35 years reliable proven use in industry, on many popular products you probably find at home now.
  • Three Automated manufacturing lines, Solvents, food grade and toxic with water bath pressure checking and weight checking. Products are also batch coded.
  • Access to Bruce Scientific Chemical contacts, offering reduction in prices of raw materials used
  • All propellant systems you can dream of - DME, hydrocarbons, Butane propane blends, HFC 134A, HFC 152A, compressed gases, blends, Nitrogen, CO2
  • Extensive aerosol manufacturing and warehouse facilities
  • Warehousing and shipping from Hamilton New Zealand

Bruce Scientific’s Product Line ideas

aerosol  can


Food Grade product line

  • Cooking oils
  • Whipped creams
  • Bag in can systems

Automotive and Industrial

  • Starting Fluid
  • Penetrants / Lubricants
  • Cleaners / Degreasers
  • Auto Detail
  • Fuel Additives/ De-Icers
  • Other Industrial Aerosols
  • Break cleaner / engine Degreasers
  • Pure solvents cans

Institutional Products

  • Cleaners
  • Graffiti Removers
  • Gum Removers
  • Odor nutralizers
  • Strippers
  • Insecticides

Spray Paints

  • Standard Colors
  • Primers
  • OSHA Safety Colors
  • Engine Paints
  • Farm Implement Colors
  • Detail / Rebuild Paints
  • Upside Down Marking Paints
  • High Heat Paints
  • Fluorescent Paints
  • Arts and Crafts Paints

Bruce scientific - Your Source for Aerosol Contract Packaging and Filling , Custom Aerosol Packaging and Filling, and Private Labelling