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MSDS sheets below  for chemicals we stock.

The safety data sheets below will be updated soon, you should get a copy of one with your chemical purchase, however if you have not received one or it has been misplaced or damaged you may print of another and keep it with the chemicals in question.

It is very important that these documents are easily accessible in case of emergency so the fire brigade, police and yourself, know how best to deal with any situation and who to contact. Although we do our best to make sure these documents are updated regularly and contain to the best of our knowledge all the required information, we make no claim to their acuracy. ( See that we spelled accuracy wrong) You should independently check this information, do not rely on these documents as a sole source of safety information we cannot be held accountable for errors in the documents.

Any errors or omissions you do encounter please contact us so we may remedy it promptly.


HSNO info for New Zealand