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Here at Bruce Scientific™ we focus on how we can benefit you, as our customer and not how you can benefit us.

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Scientific equipment and chemicals all too often are one of the major costs associated with any research institute, we aim to offer a broad range of relevant items at affordable prices, advertised quality and prompt reliable delivery, without compromising on quality and efficiency, benefiting both you, as our customer, and with your on-going orders our family owned business also.


We supply universities, schools, research facilities, manufacturers, small businesses and even the home hobbyist.

Given the advances in chemical analysis and purification, most of the market leaders in chemical supplies are all offering very similar items, often even substituting one competitors products with another when their stock runs low. For example, ACS grade solvent is exactly that, tested to American Chemical Society standards. While we cannot hope to differentiate our business from the others using outrageous claims of better quality items, the truth is whether you purchase from us or another prominent brand you are more than likely going to receive the same high quality item. Merck™, Sigma-Aldrich™, Thermo Fisher Scientific™, and Tedia™, all provide excellent items at stated purity.  While providing the same high quality items we hope to differentiate ourselves from other chemical suppliers in the following ways:

Personal free daily delivery around the greater Auckland region, no matter how big or small the order is.

Personal free delivery from Whangarei to Rotorua, once per week we make this trip so our customers can avoid the high costs associated with dangerous goods shipping.

If you require your order faster than our weekly personal delivery service, a standard chemical courier is also available.

On top of being a distributor for well-known brands like Tedia, we also have wholesale accounts setup with some of our larger competitors, if we don’t stock an item or its on backorder we are able to source it for you. Largely simplifying the order process, for you and your company.

No extra surcharge for dangerous goods shipments if we have not been charged it ourselves.

Cost price delivery around the rest of NZ and the world.

We source our products from all around the globe to fit your business personal requirements.

No more faxing end user documents required for restricted chemicals. We have integrated this process into our website, If an item is listed as restricted on its product page, simply make sure if it is for non-business use or the business use is not obvious that you include your driver’s licence number in the account section of this website, also all customers please at checkout enter in the comments box a brief description of the intended use of the restricted items. (Please note any restricted item purchased are subject to conditions laid out in our privacy and restricted items policy, please ensure you read before placing an order) We randomly verify information supplied.

We have several chemical storage facilities available both in Auckland and Hamilton. Unless otherwise stated we house most of the chemicals advertised on our website. This means you get your items quicker. If an item is not in stock we will notify you after your order is placed with a realistic ETA.

Since we have access to large chemical storage facilities, if your business expects to be using a high amount of a certain compound, we can forecast and allocate this stock for you, warehouse the items and also offer a wholesale rate if the quantities are outside the norm.

Automatic regular stock dispatch, ensuring your business does not run out of the high demand items, guarantying regular supply. Please send us an email to register for this service.

Chemical acquisition, If we don't stock an item you're after, rest assured we can get it. Leave your chemical sourcing requirements to us and our trained staff allowing your business to get on with what you do best.

More personalized service and speedy delivery of your orders.

We are an official distributor of Tedia™ high purity solvents. Tedia has a diverse range of laboratory solvents, because they focus solely on this market, Tedia have become one of the world leaders in solvent purity, at cost effective prices. We are currently warehousing most of their range available for speedy delivery.

Tedia High purity solvents

We are also here to look after your safety; we stock a range of safety equipment and signage to keep you and your staff safe. 

We have trained chemists available, interested and willing to help your business, from a simple chemistry question to complex chemical problems; our trained chemists may be able to help improve your current processes also.

Bruce Scientific works closely with universities and schools offering substantially reduced prices on chemicals and equipment, with this approach we are hoping to promote a better education through higher quality resource availability to your students, hopefully enabling more research and qualified adults wanting to use our services in the future. If you're affiliated with an academic institution within New Zealand or Australia feel free to get in contact with us, to see how we can assist you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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