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Gun Wash

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Gun Wash, spray gun cleaning solvent, Recycled Gunwash, recycled thinners. Gun-wash thinners

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Gun Wash


Bruce Scientific Gunwash, spray gun cleaning solvent is a specially blended/ formulated gunwash-thinner designed to clean your valuable spray guns, spray paint equipment, lines, rollers and brushes..

This new formulation has as higher flash point than standard MEK or Acetone, meaning it is safer to use in your spray booths while retaining the valuable cutting properties of Acetone and Methyl Ethyl Ketone in the blend.

Our gunwash has a broad boiling range so the product lasts longer without considerable evaporation. We find considerably less flammable vapors in the air and in the workroom. This slower evaporation rate promotes cleaner equipment with less sludge build up.

-Wider range of boiling points in the mixture means many types of solvents and therefore better dissolving power.
-Fully recyclable at our New Zealand based purification plant; better for the environment.
-Blended with virgin and reclaimed solvents to give a consistent blend.
-Neutral properties and low water content to protect your valuable equipment
-Excellent for cleaning spray guns and lines paint related equipment like rollers and brushes.
-Suitable for spray booths auto body shops and home garages.
-Cutting power of our thinners blend means less product required to clean your equipment, saving you time and money and the environment.
-Intimate mixture of oxygenated solvents for cutting power and paint break down while also having high hydrocarbon amounts for increased solvency of the thinned paint.
-Most paint types are soluble in our gunwash blend. If you have a particularly stubborn paint you can add a 5L of MEK or Acetone to the blend to give it more cutting power.

Directions: Add the products to your spray gun cleaning machine as per the manufactures instructions.
If you do not have a suitable machine these directions can be followed.
1) dissemble spray gun after flushing lines with gunwash if it has an external tank.
2) soak gun and pot in a bucket with gunwash inside for 10 minutes.
3) remove and rinse with clean gunwash.
4) dry with a clean rag.

Prolonging the life of your spray guns: Spray guns being made of metal have a tendency to rust, even stainless steel and aluminum have strong metal oxidized protective films on their surface which forms a passive protective coating. Standard paint strippers like the solvent Dicloromethane will eat through this passive aluminum oxide coating if your spray gun is made from aluminum etc as will water, Ethanol Methanol and other oxygenated solvents even MEK and Acetone. Without many of these solvents the gunwash does not have the cutting power it requires to clean hard paint of the surface of the guns. Hydrocarbons like toluene will dissolve the paint as long as it is not hardened or set that's where the oxygenated compounds come in handy breaking the bonds in the set paint loosening it from your equipment.

We have found a suitable blend of solvents which has the hydrocarbon ratio, oxygenated solvents ratio, pH level, salt and water content just right to preserve your equipment. Like any metal it is ideal to keep exposure to oxygenated solvents to a minimum.

Many commercial thinners break down over time with heat, sun and oxygen exposure in the drums/storage containers or contain solvents like Ethyl Acetate in them. Ethyl Acetate mixtures can become quite acidic over time breaking down into acetic acid which is common house hold vinegar. Small quantities of acid in solvents become quite aggressive on paint yet also on the metal equipment.

One common problem we are noticing is many smaller spray painters are purchasing smaller solvent recovery stills trying to reclaim their own solvents to save money.

These solvents break down after a couple of distillations/ recoveries and the mixture becomes quite degraded, the paint shop operator quickly notices that the recovered gunwash damages the equipment. Our gunwash, given this knowledge is carefully tested, processed and pre-treated to remove any nasty chemicals acids and bases. More often than not our gunwash blend has a more stable pH than the virgin solvents in the market found in thinners.

We do not recommend soaking nozzles or fine metal parts overnight given the oxygenated cutting power.

Prolong your spray guns life cycle with effective neutral cleaning products that work.

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